My relationship with music began 12 years ago when I inherited an ancient Dell PC along with a prehistoric version of Fruity Loops. I started experimenting with sequencing - heavily influenced by The Crystal Method and their electrocinematic contemporaries like BT and Hybrid. Everything I wrote for several years was terrible, so I kept going... always compelled by the idea of offering something fresh to the sonic landscape. To this day, that's what continues to compel me. I'm known for expressing color and temperature through my music; texturing and weaving sounds together with enigmatic delays and washed out reverbs. My work is intricate, complex and personal - hopefully resulting in music that lives beyond a film.

I use the title Sonic Architect rather than film composer. At the core of that is the idea that I don't want the scope of my music to be limited to cinema. I enjoy films and I love when I have the opportunity to write music for the ones I believe in, but truthfully I never write the music you hear for the films, the directors, the “clients” as we’ve come to call them or any person in particular - not even for myself. I create because it’s in my design to do so. What I write is simply an overflow of interactions I have with the brokenness of the human condition. Some of it comes in dreams - other times it emerges from seasons of sorrow, humiliation, warfare, joy and pain. In each piece I am audibly sharing my heart, and it is always amazing to hear from people who resonate with it.

Client Work

ROLE:Music Licensing

ROLE:Music Licensing

CLIENT:National Geographic
ROLE:Music Licensing

ROLE:Music Licensing

CLIENT:Casey Warren | Mindcastle
ROLE:Music Licensing

ROLE:Audio Mix, Score

Other Clients

  • Lamborghini
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Canon
  • ESPN
  • Facebook
  • National Geographic
  • Red Bull
  • Go Pro
  • TOMS Shoes
  • Adidas
  • Delta Airlines
  • The Music Bed

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Singles for Cinema



Finding Home (Original Score)



I'm excited about your interest in using my music for your project. Please provide me with the following information and I'll forward it to my representation at the Music Bed - a family I've been part of since 2012.

If you're inquiring about an original composition, my schedule is full until July 2015. Feel free to contact me and ask (I’ll work to reply to every email as time allows), but I make no guarantees...especially on larger bodies of work.

If I have the opportunity to write original music for your project, we’ll arrange a phone call or face to face meeting (hopefully over a meal) to map out the trajectory, timeline, specifics, workflow and delivery structure. At the end of the day I value relationship over policy, so I’m pretty chill when it comes down to the fine details. Pricing is always subject to the workload and timeline, and I’ll always work to put your needs above mine.

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