I discovered my love for music in 2001. I had been experimenting with electronic music, sampling and sequencing - heavily influenced by The Crystal Method and their electrocinematic contemporaries like BT and Hybrid. Everything I wrote for the first decade was awful, so I kept going... always compelled by the idea of offering something fresh to the sonic landscape. To this day, that's what continues to compel me. I'm known for expressing color and temperature through my work; texturing and weaving sounds together with enigmatic delays and nostaligiac melodies. My work is intricate, complex and deep - resulting in music that lives beyond your film.

I describe myself as a Sonic Architect rather than film composer. At the core of that is the idea that I don't want the scope of my music to be limited to cinema. I enjoy films and I love when I have the opportunity to write music for the ones I believe in, but truthfully I never write the music you hear for the films, the directors, the “clients” as we’ve come to call them or any person in particular. I create because it’s in my design to do so. What I write is simply an overflow of interactions I have with my own brokenness. Some of it comes in dreams - other times it emerges from seasons of sorrow, humiliation, warfare, joy and pain. In each piece I am audibly sharing my heart, and it is the highest privilege to hear from people who resonate with it.

Client Work

CLIENT:Music Bed

ROLE:Music Licensing

CLIENT:Cale Glendening


ROLE:Music Licensing

ROLE:Music Licensing

Other Clients

  • Lamborghini
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Canon
  • ESPN
  • Facebook
  • National Geographic
  • Red Bull
  • Go Pro
  • TOMS Shoes
  • Adidas
  • Delta Airlines
  • The Music Bed


I’m excited about your interest in collaborating with me. Follow the link below to fill out a custom license request through my representation at Music Bed. The team at Music Bed is incredible - and they’ll always work to respond quickly and professionally whether your project is commercial or non-revenue producing.

To learn more about Music Bed’s pricing structure follow the link below.

I'm excited about your interest in collaborating with me. Please provide me with the following information and I'll forward it to my representation at Musicbed - a family I've been part of since 2012.

If you're inquiring about an original composition, please email my manager, Jason Pamer. Jason manages my custom scoring schedule so I can be freed up to write and dream.

If I have the opportunity to write original music for you, Jason and I will arrange a meeting to map out the trajectory, timeline, specifics, workflow and delivery structure. At the end of the day I value a powerful story. The more depth you bring me in a story, the more power is going to be embedded in the music I write for you.

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